Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Choosing flowers for you wedding

Flowers are one of the important choices you will have to make for your wedding styling. You can make a big impact with flowers even on a low budget.



Choose flowers that are in season.  Locally sourced flowers will be much more cost effective so don't think about importing rare blooms. If you do decide on a flower that you absolutely want, try using it only in your bouquet for a special touch.

Think about your style and then choose your flowers.  Peonies and roses are always great for any vintage look.

Use something unexpected to compliment your flowers like berries, fruit, acorns and delicate ornaments.  Think about texture and shape.  These are all the elements you need to create something unforgettable and spectacular.

Take the reception space into consideration when choosing your colour scheme and flowers.  Unstructured flower arrangements works best in a barn or a more rustic space.

A modern venue lends itself to more sleek and contemporary floral designs.

In period venues, look at the architecture and find inspiration in the era of the design.

  Choose a style that is unique and memorable even if it is not trendy at the time.  
                                               It is about your own personal style.  

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